Oh you know, just bored.

Name Your Favorite…
Place : vacation, general answer but you get the point
Person : my boyfran
Color : white or cream color everything
Food : egg or peanut butter (i can’t pick one)
Smell : vanilla
Book : hands down Harry Potter nerd
Movie : Anything with Leonardo dicaprio
Music artist : tae yang
Genre of music : I pretty music listen to all genres of music, I don’t discriminate
Genre of literature : fantasy
Magazine : i don’t read magazines anymore, they are more or less the same material recycled into different monthly issues.
Texture : fluff, fluffy, puppies
Time of day : the sun comes down stars come out 🎼
Day of the week : Saturday
Tumblr : don’t have one
Thing to do when bored : play Mah Jong or chess
Celebrity : Selena Gomez, her style is on point
Class in school : science
Website other than Tumblr : ig
Drink : bubble tea
Precious stone : diamonds
Animal : lions
Flower : ALL
Time in history :
Font : I guess arial
Video game : Mario
TV show : friends
Play : the lion king
Sound : the speed of sound…so peace and quite
Fruit : mangoes
Vegetable : cauliflower
Store/shop : Zara
Article of clothing you own : most worn would be leggings
Fashion/style : chic
Pattern : floral!
Workout : full body
Quote : don’t have a specific quote I live by
Historical figure : I never paid attention in history class
Boy’s name : Tristan
Girl’s name : tbd
Potato chip flavor : sour cream
Meal of the day : breakfast
Ice cream flavor : ALL
Soda : vanilla coke
Popcorn flavor : white cheddar
Season : summer
Month of the year : August
Word : hi
Disney princess : Ariel!
Insult : you’re a joke
Joke : same as above
Cussword : whore
Letter : A
YouTube channel : Evelina berry and clothes encounters and Laura in the kitchen
Eye color : natural
Memory : Seward park
Dessert : ALL
Candy : chocolate
Restaurant : tbd
Lifehack : spell check because I’m horrible at spelling
Language : English
Thing to learn about : animals
Thing about yourself : my hair

Fake people never cease to amaze me

Don’t you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine

I’m moving again. It humbles me that we never had stable home. But one day I’ll own a white house with a chandelier falling from the center of it, and blooming flowers and cherry blossom trees surrounding it. And I know my mom will be proud.

That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.
Kaui Hart Hemmings


amaaaazing!! I want a photo like this too